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This is the blog of remotEMDR – the leading platform for online EMDR therapy

As the complexity of people’s lives increases and technology breaks further barriers, we as therapists are presented with an inspiring opportunity to overcome physical limitations and expand our reach.

Meet remotEMDR – a  patent-based professional tool for conducting easy, safe, and effective online EMDR therapy. With remotEMDR, you simply send your client a link, no need to download or install any software or app, and the session can start. Developed by therapists and researchers, remoteEMDR provides the perfect integration between the therapist’s therapeutic presence and the precise EMDR methodology that is made possible through software. 

You can easily control the bilateral stimulus and track your client’s eye movements in complete synchronization, to make sure that the client does indeed follow the movement of the stimulus in a coordinated manner. With remotEMDR’s intuitive user interface, you can change the BLS’s visual and auditory aspects such as type, sound, speed, color, and save your client’s preferences for future use. During the session, the client may experience an intense emotional response. So, in addition to the therapist’s continuous vocal presence, their video can be displayed to the client at any time.

Along with a built-in video chat, remotEMDR is also compatible with all leading telehealth video chat platforms and is accessible on all devices. recognized by EMDRIA, remotEMDR is completely HIPAA compliant with all sensitive data encrypted and secured.

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