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How EMDR Can Help With Anxiety

In the United States, anxiety disorders are some of the most prevalent forms of mental illnesses. About 18.1% of the adult population, or 40 million American adults over the age of 18, suffer from some form of anxiety, as reported by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Though anxiety is a treatable illness, only 36.9% …

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The Complete Guide to remotEMDR’s Video Tutorials

If you’ve visited our YouTube channel or our help section, you know all about our detailed step-by-step video tutorials. These videos are a great way to get to know the remotEMDR and learn how to make the most of its many features, whether you’ve just started using it or have been working with it for …

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9 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Do In remotEMDR

Used by thousands of therapists and dozens of thousands of clients, remotEMDR is the world’s leading platform for online EMDR therapy. Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface, it’s easy for an EMDR therapist who has never done online EMDR therapy before to quickly understand how the platform works and start practicing EMDR remotely with their …

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Using remotEMDR’s Notes Feature

remotEMDR’s Notes feature is aimed to make session note-keeping an easy task for the platform users. It enables you to keep detailed and accurate data regarding each session without leaving the platform’s session screen. Once the session is over, you can easily edit your notes, copy them to external software or print them.  The following …

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Managing Connection Issues in remotEMDR

Any online meeting relies heavily on good call quality. This is especially true for online EMDR therapy sessions, where bad synchronization, choppy video, or poor audio quality can be very distracting for both client and therapist.  These issues are often related to your and your client’s internet connection, which can cause a host of problems …

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8 Tips for Conducting Better Remote EMDR Therapy

For most therapists, conducting online EMDR therapy is a new experience that may seem challenging or even intimidating. However, once you try it, you will likely discover that it is much simpler and more intuitive than you imagined. To make the transition to online EMDR even easier than it already is, we put together 8 …

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Tactile Stimulation in Online EMDR Sessions: a remotEMDR/Bi-Tapp Integration

The transition to online EMDR therapy is changing the way we conduct our sessions. Doing EMDR remotely creates challenges, but creative technological solutions are emerging and making it much easier and more accessible to therapists worldwide.  For example, remotEMDR now offers therapists a holistic solution for conducting highly effective EMDR sessions, including three different types …

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10 Benefits of Online EMDR Therapy That Have Nothing to Do With COVID-19

Over the past year, thousands of EMDR therapists have started to offer their clients remote EMDR therapy via remotEDMR – the world’s leading online platforms for EMDR therapy. The first reason for this shift towards online EMDR therapy was, of course, the COVID-19 outbreak, which forced therapists and clients worldwide to stay inside their homes. …

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