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remotEMDR’s Notes feature is aimed to make session note-keeping an easy task for the platform users. It enables you to keep detailed and accurate data regarding each session without leaving the platform’s session screen. Once the session is over, you can easily edit your notes, copy them to external software or print them. 

The following list will help you get to know the feature and start using it quickly and effortlessly: 

  1. The “notes” button is located in the session screen’s upper left corner. Clicking it will open the notes side panel.
  2. To create a note, click the add new note button.
  3. Use the form to fill in any relevant data about the session, including Target, Image, NC, PC, VOC, and other information.
  4. To set VOC, SUD, and final SUD and final VOC values, move each slider to the right until you reach the required number.
  5. You can create as many notes as you need for each session by clicking the add new note button again.
  6. To switch between notes, click the left and right arrows found at the top of the panel.
  7. Click the search button to look for notes containing a specific word or phrase, and the edit button to turn the “read-only” mode on and off.
  8. Click the duplicate note button to either create a copy of an existing note or copy it to your clipboard. This will allow you to copy your notes’ contents to an electronic health record or anywhere else.
  9. To delete a note, click the trash icon.
  10. To close the Notes side panel, click the X button. Your data will be saved automatically and will appear in the side panel the next time you open it.
  11. All of the notes you’ve created for each client will be available to you at all times on their profile page, which you can access through the client list on the platform’s main page. Click any note to open it and view its contents.
  12. You can click the download button to download all of the client’s notes to your device.
  13. Finally, to print a note, click the arrow button to expand the note, then click the printer icon.

remotEMDR is Keeping Your Data Safe

As always, we’re highly aware of the sensitive nature of the data stored in our platform. You can rest assured that all data stored in remotEMDR is encrypted and secured. remotEMDR complies with all relevant privacy requirements, including HIPAA, PHIPA, and GDPR.

If you have any questions about this feature or anything else about the platform, contact us at

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