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This is the blog of remotEMDR – the leading platform for online EMDR therapy

Used by thousands of therapists and dozens of thousands of clients, remotEMDR is the world’s leading platform for online EMDR therapy. Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface, it’s easy for an EMDR therapist who has never done online EMDR therapy before to quickly understand how the platform works and start practicing EMDR remotely with their clients.

While remotEMDR does have a very intuitive user interface, it is also a versatile platform featuring many advanced options that some users may not be aware of. That is why we created this list of 9 features that can help you make the most of the platform and upgrade your online EMDR sessions:

  1. Keep the control panel open at all times: By default, remotEMDR’s control panel is set to collapse after a few seconds of inactivity. The aim is to clear the screen for optimal view of the client, but if you prefer, you can keep the panel constantly open by clicking the pushpin icon in the screen’s lower right.
  1. Choose your duration type and manually set the BLS duration: Did you know you can control not only the BLS set’s length but also how the duration is measured and displayed? Go to the General tab and click the Duration Type button, then choose either Seconds or Repetitions. Now click the Duration button to choose the number of seconds or repetitions for each set from the list or choose your own number by double-clicking the bottom number and typing your own value.
  1. Reset the session’s duration: Whenever a new session begins, the session duration timer in the screen’s bottom right corner starts running. Double-clicking the timer will enable you to reset the session’s duration back to 0:00:00.
  1. Move the EMDR player around the screen: The EMDR player is located in the middle of the control panel. By clicking the eject player icon in its upper left corner, you can push the player out and then move it around the screen and locate it wherever you like. You can also flip the player from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa.
  1. Exchange files with your client: When remotEMDR’s internal video chat is active, you and your client can send text messages and transfer small files to each other. Click the Messages button on the right side of the screen to access the chat and the paperclip icon to send a file. 
  1. Blur your background: In some online video therapy sessions, you may want to blur your background to conceal personal or sensitive details. remotEMDR’s internal video chat lets you do that very easily: just open the “video chat settings” window by clicking the gear wheel icon and move the “Background Blur” slider right until you reach the desired amount of blur. Here is a demonstreation of what it looks like:
  1. Use keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts can be very useful during a session and remotEMDR has several of them: pressing the space bar will start or stop the BLS, “M” will mute or unmute your microphone, “L” will copy the invitation link to your clipboard, “F” will let you enter or exit full-screen mode, and “E” will end the session.

  1. Change your defaults session settings: When you add a new client to your remotEMDR user, the session screen’s settings will be set automatically according to the platform’s standard options (i.e. speed = 21, duration = 60, BLS type = scan, etc.). If you would like, you can change these default settings by entering your profile page, clicking “default session settings,” changing the settings to suit your preferences, and saving them as your new default. 

Click below for a step-by-step video guide on creating your own custom default settings:

  1. More color options: In the session screen’s Colors tab, you will find more opportunities for customization including the option to change the colors of the visual elements’ exterior and interior parts and the session screen’s background color. When you move your mouse across the color options, several colors and shades will be presented to you. If you are looking for a specific color or shade that is not available within these options, you can click the color button, and more colors and hues will be revealed.

We put a lot of thought into personalizing our users’ experience and making customization as accessible as possible. We are constantly coming up with new ways of making the platform more flexible and convenient and keep adding new features to achieve that goal. For weekly updates on new features, videos, and other online EMDR related news, sign up for our newsletter by writing us at

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