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Today, more clients are looking for the right therapist for them online than ever before. As the world’s leading platform for online EMDR therapy, remotEMDR gets many visits from clients seeking a professional therapist every day. 

So, to help these clients find the right EMDR therapist for them AND help therapists get discovered by relevant clients – we created Find a Therapist: A professional, EMDR-focused therapists directory.

Find a Therapist enables clients to perform a highly focused search through its extensive database, using different filters like location, name, distance from a certain spot, price range, payment methods, specialties, etc. 

For therapists, this is an opportunity to be found by relevant clients and grow their practice with minimal effort. The directory is free and available to everyone on remotEMDR’s main page and creating a profile is included in your remotEMDR subscription at no extra charge.

Sounds good. How do I start?

To appear on client’s searches, you will need to create your Find a Therapist profile. Here is how:

1 – Log in to your remotEMDR account and click the Profile tab.

2 – Next, click the Details tab on the left part of the screen. Here you will find several sections that you can fill out to give clients a peek into your clinic and help them decide if you are the therapist they’re looking for.

Let’s review the different sections and see what they’re about:

Personal: Here, you’ll be asked to fill in some basic details about yourself, like your name, title, etc. 

Contact: Help clients get in touch with you easily – enter your phone number, web address, and email address by which you would like them to contact you. 

Please note that by default, your “Find a Therapist” profile email address will be the same one you entered as your remotEMDR account email. To change your contact address, click the pencil icon next to it, and type in the new one. Once you verify the new email, your profile will be updated accordingly.  

Address: Type in your clinic’s full address. The postal code will be completed automatically. 

About: This is where you can go the extra mile and help clients understand who you are as a therapist, and what sets you apart from others. We highly recommend taking the time to write a detailed, compelling description. This will help you get inquiries from like-minded clients who will appreciate what you have to give.

Finance: Here, you can set your price range per session, and tell clients whether you offer a sliding scale or pro-bono sessions. You can also specify which payment methods you accept and which insurance companies you work with. Type in any other relevant financial information under “Additional Info.” 

Qualifications: Tell clients where you got your degree from, your supervisor’s name, and the date you started practicing as a therapist. You can also enter your therapy license information, including the licensing country and ID number. 

Please note that if you select the United States under “country,” you’ll have to choose a state from the list or select the “PSYPACT” option. You can enter more than one license if necessary. 

Treatment and Services: In this section, you can give clients more details about the services you provide, including your treatment approaches and modalities, the age groups you work with, any special communities you serve, specific issues you can help with, and more. You can define up to three of the issues you selected as specialties.

3 – After you finish filling out your details, complete your profile by adding your photo. Click the pencil icon (see image) and choose a file from your device. You can move, crop, or zoom in on your photo to make it fit within the frame. Once you’re done editing the photo, click the “save photo” button and close the Edit Photo window.

4 – To preview the profile from the clients’ perspective, go to the Settings tab and click the eye icon (see below). 

Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can make your profile public by switching on the “Public Profile” button. Remember – until you change your profile to “public,” it won’t come up in clients’ searches and will only be visible to you. 

Congratulations! Your profile is complete. New clients can find and contact you through the platform, and you can always go back to your profile page to update and change it as you like. 

Click here for a video version of this guide.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

Good luck!

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