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This is the blog of remotEMDR – the leading platform for online EMDR therapy

remotEMDR offers users a unique solution, which allows them to connect the two platforms quickly and easily and benefit from both of them simultaneously in each session. In this post, we’ll explain how to set up a remotEMDR session with with a few simple steps.

Before we start, please note that to use remotEMDR with, you will need to know your personal room name. If you’re not sure what it is, log into and go to “Account Settings” and then “Room Settings.” You’ll find your room name there.

Follow these steps to start your next session:

  1. Start by opening a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser (iOS users – please use Safari only).
  2. Go to and sign in. On the platform’s main page, you will find your client list. To start a session with one of your clients, click the “Start Session” button next to their name.
  3. Once your client joins the session, a pop-up message will appear, prompting you to choose a video chat platform. Click on “External Video-Chat” and then select
  4., or Clinic if you are using the platform’s premium version.
  5. Next, enter your room name.
  6. Now simply sign in to through the window embedded in remotEMDR’s session screen.
  7. Once your client signs into, their name will appear on the patient queue. Click on the “Start Call” button, and you are ready to start the session within remotEMDR.

A couple of Useful Options:

  1. You can adjust the embedded window’s size by clicking and holding its edge and moving it with your mouse.
  2. You can also move the window around the screen by clicking and holding its top bar and moving it with your mouse.

Click below to watch a video demonstration of this process.

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