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This is the blog of remotEMDR – the leading platform for online EMDR therapy

remotEMDR works seamlessly with Zoom, and you can easily enjoy the benefits of both platforms in each one of your sessions. Follow these steps to set up a Zoom/remotEMDR within minutes:

Setup (before the therapy session)

  1. First, open your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser (iOS users – please use Safari only).
  2. Log in to using your email address and password.
  3. On the platform’s main page, select a client from the client list, or add a new listing by clicking the Add Client button.
  4. Send your client an invitation link to the remotEMDR session. Click here for a step-by-step video guide on inviting your client to a remotEMDR session.

Starting the therapy Session

  1. Start the Zoom session.
  2. Minimize the Zoom screen by clicking the minus sign on Zoom or the yellow icon if you’re using a mac computer.
  3. Go back to remotEMDR by clicking on the browser icon. Zoom will now appear inside a small window at the top of the remotEMDR window.
  4. Start a remotEMDR session by clicking the Start button next to your client’s name.
  5. Ask your client to click the invitation link you have sent them.
  6. Choose your preferred BLS settings and click the Play button. The BLS will start and run synchronously on your and your client’s computers, and you will be able to control them remotely from the remotEMDR control panel.

That is all – you’re ready to start your Zoom/remotEMDR session. Click below for a video tutorial demonstrating these steps.

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