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This is the blog of remotEMDR – the leading platform for online EMDR therapy

remotEMDR goes beyond visual stimulous and provides users with a wide range of features and options for auditory stimulous as well. This post will explore the platform’s key auditory stimulous features and explain how to use them.

Most of the platform’s auditory stimulus options are available in the Sound tab:

The Sound button enables you to choose who will hear the auditory stimulus: Client Only (the default setting), Sound Off, or Sound On for both you and your client.

The Volume bar lets you set the auditory stimulus’s volume (1-40).

The Sound Type button lets you choose between three sets of sounds that can be played bilaterally as auditory stimulus: Effect (e.g. ping-pong, bell, and chopping), Music (unique bilateral music tracks), Nature (e.g. rain, wind, and flowing river). Click the button on the right of the Sound Type button to view the list of music tracks or sound effects available in the set you have selected.

More auditory stimulous option can be found in the Display tab:

In remotEMDR, you can choose whether to use the auditory stimulus by itself or together with the visual stimulus (the platform’s default option). If you choose to operate both simultaneously, the two types of stimuli will be fully synchronized with each other. If you prefer to use the auditory stimulus alone, click on the Display tab and change the type to Sound Only.

*Please note that for the auditory stimulus to be effective, it is recommended that your client uses wired headphones during this part of the session.

Click below for a video tutorial on using remotEMDR’s auditory stimulous and its features.

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